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Backup Wrenches
The HYTORC Magnetic Backup Wrench provides a simple and convenient solution for constraining the back nut in a wide range of bolting applications. This rugged steel wrench is available in a full range of metric and imperial sizes, all with a corrosion-resistant finish. The backup wrench features high strength magnets to allow it to be securely mounted steel applications. The eye bolt is quick to adjust during setup and removal; allowing users to move from bolt to bolt with ease.
One of the most common injuries in industrial bolting is finger pinching with the reaction arm or the backup wrench. The HYTORC Hydraulic Backup Wrench reduces the risk of injury by providing a hands-free solution to stop the counter- nut from turning.
THE FUTURE OF BOLTING The standard of bolting has been changed. Insure safety and efficency with Lokrite safety backup wrenches to fit any application & job site. Lokrite is the #1 selling backup wrench in the world - find out why !
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Striking, Offset, Hammer, Slugging & No-Spark Backup Wrenches